Closed until April 1, 2020!
8518 E Greenbluff Rd, Colbert, WA 99005
Weddings or Events ONLY: TEXT 509.496.9209

Date Nite out on the Bluff!! 

 Date Nite is the 3rd Friday of every month!!

Date Nite out on the Farm; beer & wine tasting, shopping & dinner!
Join us for a private, cozy Date Night!! It’s date night out on the farm with beer & wine tasting and our beautifully decorated store! With your $10 reservation fee, you will get to sample four different beers & wines, order dinner off of our menu or dinner special, and receive 15% off your entire shopping trip! Yes, you can come and not order dinner!


Please call/email the store to make your reservation! :) Tell us what time you would like between 6 and 8pm and we will get back to you! 509.238.9545