High Country Orchard Produce


Red Haven
The Red Haven Peach was developed by Stanley Johnston in Michigan, and is the leading peach grown all over the world. Medium sized, nearly fuzzless fruit, has brilliant red and golden yellow color. Flesh is firm, yellow, sweet and juicy with a smooth texture that becomes a freestone as it ripens (which means that the fruit comes free from the stone when peeled). Excellent fresh or for desserts, canning or freezing Redhaven is the all-time favorite of peach lovers.

Early Red Haven
Early Redhaven (late July) originated as a “sport” (mutation) of the popular variety Redhaven. The flesh is yellow and semicling (which means it doesn't complete seperate from the pit). The skin is red and the fruit is less pointed than Redhaven.

This fruit was devevloped at Washington State University in 1949. It is a large freestone peach with rosy red blush giving it its name. The firm flesh is deep yellow and slightly coarse in texture. Flavor is excellent for both fresh market and canning. Ripens ten days after Redhaven.